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Key Staff
  • Executive Director
    Christopher Evans BA MA MIfA FSA

    Co-founding the Unit in 1990, Evans has worked in British Archaeology at a senior level for more than twenty-five years. He has published widely, including the Haddenham Project volumes (with Ian Hodder) and Power and Island Communities: Excavations at the Wardy Hill Ringwork, Coveney, Ely. He has, in addition, directed a number of overseas fieldwork projects (Nepal, China & Cape Verde), and is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London and a member of the Institute of Field Archaeologists.
  • Senior Archaeological Manager
    Alison Dickens BA MIfA

    Alison joined the CAU in 1991 after working for several other units in England. A senior member of staff since 1995, she is responsible for the Unit's urban, Saxon, Medieval and Post-Medieval projects. She has a special interest in standing buildings and the development of urban centres.
  • Senior Archaeological Manager
    David Gibson BA MIfA

    David joined the Unit in 1993 after work on several national and international projects. Specialising in the Neolithic and Bronze Age, he is responsible for many of the Unit's large quarry projects and has a special interest in prehistoric wetland archaeology.
  • Archaeological Manager
    Emma Beadesmore BA MA

    As a Project Manager, Emma focuses on providing a quality, cost effective service to the CAU's varied clients. With a BA in Archaeology from the University of Southampton and an MA in Landscape Archaeology from the University of Sheffield, Emma has over 14 years' experience in professional archaeology. Emma has worked for the CAU since 1999, in the field, as a Lithics Specialist, Project Officer, and now as a Project Manager. As a Project Officer Emma ran some of the largest, recent, excavations in Fengate, Peterborough, whilst as a Lithics Specialist she worked on a key early Neolithic assemblage from Kilverstone, Norfolk. As a Project Manager, she has been responsible for budgeting, running and coordinating a wide variety of sites, including pipelines, housing developments and large scale mineral extraction schemes.
  • Post-Excavation and Publications Officer
    Dr Sam Lucy BA PhD FSA

    Previously a Lecturer in the University of Durham, Sam joined the CAU in 2002, and is an internationally acknowledged expert in Anglo-Saxon archaeology. Widely published, aside from a series of major Unit-excavation monographs, she is the author of The Anglo-Saxon Way of Death, and co-edited Burial in Early Medieval England and Wales and The Archaeology of Identity.
  • Senior Project Officer
    Craig Cessford BA M.Litt

    Craig has been a professional archaeologist for over 15 years, working mainly in Britain and Turkey, and he has been a major contributor to the Catalhoyuk monograph series. Widely published, he is particularly interested in Medieval and later urban archaeology. He has directed a number of major excavations in Cambridgeshire, including Broad Street, Ely and, most recently, the Grand Arcade site in Cambridge.
  • Senior Project Officer
    Mark Knight BA

    Having worked in archaeology for more than a decade in the southwest of the Country beforehand, Mark joined the CAU in 1995. He has since directed a number of the Unit's major landscape projects, and is widely acclaimed as one of Britain's leading prehistoric and wetland field archaeologists.
  • Senior Project Officer - Ricky Patten BA
  • Senior Project Officer - Jonathan Tabor BA MA
  • Senior Researcher - Grahame Appleby BA MPhil
  • Senior Researcher - Dr Simon Timberlake BSc MSc PhD
  • Finds Officer - Justin Wiles BA
  • Head of Graphics - Andrew Hall BA MA
  • Head of Geomatics - Jane Matthews BA
  • Osteoarchaeologist - Natasha Dodwell BA MSc
  • Zooarchaeologist - Vida Rajkovaca BA
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