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Research and Education
The Cambridge Archaeological Unit successfully combines the best in commercial archaeological field practice with academic excellence. Counting among its present and former staff internationally renowned academics, the Unit is able to draw upon a wealth of expertise to solve the challenges of commercial archaeology. Believing that each archaeological project requires a prioritised tailor made solution, our experienced project managers will design an academically vigorous yet cost effective scheme to meet client needs. Recent major international projects undertaken by its staff include fieldwork in China, Nepal, South Africa and Cape Verde.

Educational and Public Initiatives
The Unit has extensive expertise in both outreach, and public relations on behalf of our clients. This ranges from interactive website presentation of archaeological projects, through to press releases, site tours and displays for local communities. Development specific examples include the earthwork restoration of major enclosure sites, archaeologically influenced artworks within new buildings, and the designing of information signboards outlining the history associated with the development. An example which integrated many of the above was the Unearthingthepast project, developed in partnership with Hanson Aggregates. This initiative provided an interactive web site in conjunction with a series of touring 'schools boxes' containing archaeological finds and replica artefacts. Details can be found here.

In the summer of 2011, the Unit, in partnership with the RSPB and Hanson Aggregates, initiated the Digging Environment Project. This excavation by members of the public and CAU staff revealed palaeoenvironmental deposits within the former fenland lake of Willingham Mere. The results of this exciting collaborative project, funded by a University of Cambridge Knowledge Transfer Project grant can be downloaded here.

In addition, the CAU provides professional training for University of Cambridge undergraduates through its annual field school.


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