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  • Planning advice
    Archaeological work can be undertaken either prior to the submission of a planning application or in response to a condition placed upon planning consent by a local authority. The CAU is able to provide no obligation advice on the suitability of services for a given development site.
  • Desk based assessment
    A first phase assessment of the archaeological potential of a given site can be made using archival records, historic maps and air photography.
  • Field Survey
    On larger sites, a non-intrusive evaluation by field walking, metal detecting and geophysical survey is suitable in order to identify areas of higher potential for further evaluation.
  • Evaluation
    A trenching evaluation is used on sites of all size in order to produce a definitive statement on the presence, character, extent and preservation of archaeological remains.
  • Excavation
    Where significant archaeology is found by evaluation a full excavation can be undertaken in order to ensure the 'preservation by record' of important remains.
  • Publication
    A full analysis and publication of excavation results is made in either a book or a journal, following which all planning conditions are discharged (see research and publications page).
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